Removing a stubborn target it Enterprise Manager 12c R4

Very rarely you can encounter this problem in enterprise manager – a host or agent target that you cannot remove via the web interface. This is usually caused in my environment by decommissioning a host BEFORE the targets have all been dropped (Basically being a gungho dumbass and not considering things properly).

You can do a lot of operations by the emcli command line interface from your enterprise manager host


Login to Enterprise Manager

-bash-4.1$ ./emcli login -username=SYSMAN
Enter password : 

Login successful

Run the sync command to synchronize with the current OMS

-bash-4.1$ ./emcli sync
Synchronized successfully

Get the target that you want to remove – in my case it is a zone host that has been trashed.

-bash-4.1$ ./emcli get_targets |grep ssca-z7
4       Agent Unreachab  host             
4       Agent Unreachab  oracle_emd  

I need to remove both the agent and the host

-bash-4.1$ ./emcli delete_target -name="" -type="oracle_emd" -delete_monitored_target

And then you can login to the GUI and check that it has gone!


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