Showing the Supercluster software release version

If you’re logging into a strange T5-8 SuperCluster to work on it, you may want to know which release of the software was used to install the system.

This information is held in a SMF service

root@sc5acn01-d1:~# svcs -a |grep oes
online         Mar_18   svc:/system/oes/id:default

Which you can extract the properties regarding software release and supercluster build type.

root@sc5acn01-d1:~# svcprop /system/oes/id:default
oes/type astring SuperCluster
oes/node astring ssccn1
configuration/name astring F4-1
configuration/build astring ssc-1.5.8
configuration/domain_type astring db
configuration/ovm_domain_type astring root
rack/serial_number astring unknown
filesystem-local/entities fmri svc:/system/filesystem/local:default
filesystem-local/grouping astring require_all
filesystem-local/restart_on astring none
filesystem-local/type astring service
general/complete astring 
general/enabled boolean true
general/entity_stability astring Unstable
start/exec astring :true
start/timeout_seconds count 0
start/type astring method
stop/exec astring :true
stop/timeout_seconds count 0
stop/type astring method
manifestfiles/lib_svc_manifest_system_oes_oes_id_xml astring /lib/svc/manifest/system/oes/oes_id.xml
startd/duration astring contract
tm_common_name/C ustring OES\ identification\ information
tm_description/C ustring Provides\ OES\ identification\ information
restarter/logfile astring /var/svc/log/system-oes-id:default.log
restarter/start_method_timestamp time 1395150946.060111000
restarter/start_method_waitstatus integer 0
restarter/auxiliary_state astring dependencies_satisfied
restarter/next_state astring none
restarter/state astring online
restarter/state_timestamp time 1395150946.115875000



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