Specifying a disk slice in ai manifest

After installing T5-8 firmware patch 17264131 to upgrade to version 910b my AI install was failing on an LDOM


InstallationLogger DEBUG      Executing:  ['/usr/sbin/zpool', 'create', '-f', '-B', 'rpool', 'c2d0']
InstallationLogger ERROR      cannot label 'c2d0':  try using fdisk(1M) and then provide a specific slice
Unable to build pool from specified devices: invalid vdev configuration
InstallationLogger ERROR      Error occurred during execution of 'target-instantiation' checkpoint.


As a workaround, I had to amend the manifest file for that specific LDOM and specify the exact disk slice to use…

<disk whole_disk="true">
<disk_name name="c2d0" name_type="ctd"/>
<slice name="0" in_zpool="rpool"/>


I’m not sure if whole_disk needs to be set to true or false, as it seems illogical to be set to true. On the other hand, it worked so I’m good to get on with my other tasks.


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