Allowing root user to login directly solaris 11

So you’ve got a fresh installed Solaris 11 box – and you can’t login directly as root because it is a role…

db04 console login: root
Roles can not login directly

To change this, then you need to make root a user instead of being a role

Login as an administrator account and su to root
melam@sscadb04:~$ su - root
Jan 25 13:27:29 sscadb04 su: 'su root' succeeded for melam on /dev/console
Oracle Corporation SunOS 5.11 11.0 September 2012

As you can see in the configuration file root is a role
root@db04:~# cat /etc/user_attr
# The system provided entries are stored in different files
# under "/etc/user_attr.d". They should not be copied to this file.
# Only local changes should be stored in this file.
# This line should be kept in this file or it will be overwritten.
melam::::type=normal;lock_after_retries=no;profiles=System Administrator;roles=root

To change it

root@db04:~# rolemod -K type=normal root

And Voila, your system is now less secure and auditable 😉


3 thoughts on “Allowing root user to login directly solaris 11

  1. Thank you, for configuring up the system, especially moving /export and /export/home and /export/home/username, doing this while logged in as a user (since you must be) is a series of ridiculous hoops.
    Or you can enable root login, fix it, then disable.
    And for any serious user, having /export in the root pool is very poor practice.

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