Oracle hidden parameters…

Checking the value of a hidden parameter (and also normal parameters – just in case it’s moved to being visible)

select n.ksppinm pd_name, c.ksppstvl pd_value, n.ksppdesc pd_descr
from x$ksppi n, x$ksppcv c
where n.indx=c.indx
and (
   lower(n.ksppinm) like lower('%kgl%') 
   or lower(n.ksppdesc) like lower('%kgl%')

setting in sqlplus

SQL> alter system set "_kgl_debug"="name='XMLTYPE' schema='SYS' namespace=1 debug=33554432, name='XMLTYPE' schema='SYS' namespace=2 debug=33554432" scope=both sid='*';

System altered.

SQL> alter system set "_kgl_hot_object_copies"=12  scope=both sid='*';



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