Carrot Cake

Well, not really technical, here’s my favourite carrot cake recipe. I had to phone my grandma to get the recipe recently, and decided to share it..

6fl oz/ 180ml sunflower oil
8 oz/230g Soft brown sugar
5 oz/141g  plain flour (wholemeal for preference)
5 oz/141g  grated carrot
2 large eggs
2 oz/56g chopped walnuts (or chopped mixed nuts)
1tsp/5ml ground nutmeg (or mixed spice if you like it more cinnamony)
1tsp/5ml cinnamon
1tsp/5ml bicarbonate of soda

Whisk together oil and sugar until smooth
Whisk in eggs.
Mix cinnamon,nutmeg, bicarbonate and flour together
Add flour mix to the liquid mixture.
Beat in carrots and nuts until evenly combined

Bake in 7″ round baking tin for 1 hour at 350f/Gas Mark 4/180 c


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